iDev delivers Contract & Project Management to Startrack Print

When Startrack wanted a rapidly implemented, flexible and user friendly Contract and Project Management System they chose iDev's nView Application modules for their needs. iDev quickly delivered an operational system within 4 weeks complete with data migrated from the legacy sources.  

Startrack had found their legacy data and system to be;

  1. stored in a variety of files and network locations.
  2. varied in quality and consistency depending on the business unit practices.
  3. inflexible in reporting and providing visibility of contract data.
  4. prone to contract review and expiry date lapses.
  5. extremly costly in time taken to manage and update data compared to nView by iDev.


The solution provided by iDev is;

  • fast to load and easy to update data.
  • user friendly in design.
  • allows for database and user interface changes with minimal cost and effort.


The solution's functionality includes;

  1. procurement and property contract management.
  2. procurement and property project management.
  3. project financial benefit recording and reporting.
  4. alerts messaging system for critical dates.
  5. related document management systems.


If you are frustrated with the Contract and Project management system you have or your orgainsation needs a new system to streamline this important information contact us now to discuss what we can do for you.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 November 2012 12:45