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When Journey Management Group needed an Online Course Management System that could take bookings and payments online they contacted iDev to provide a system that was flexible enough to fit with Journey's rapidly growing business and integrate with their existing website.

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iDev's nView product suite includes a number of modules that improve productivity, reduce risk, streamline processes and ultimately reduce costs while improving service levels in contract and project management.

Some of these modules and their benefits include;

  • Contracts nView: With many hundreds or thousands of supplier or customer contracts and documents to manage legal, sales and procurement departments need a well designed contract database and management system. nView's contract database and management system includes many features such as critical date alert messaging for expiry and review, document management, change logs, templates, workflows, reporting and more. It is available immediately in a number of cloud editions and versions one of which is sure to suit your organisation.  


  • Projects nView: Corporate departments and business units often organise their work on a project basis but do not have an easy way to track all these projects and report updates to project tasks, milestones, files and data for management or clients. nView Project module is a project reporting database and management system that records all important project information and includes a number of flexible management reports. It can be used to template procedures and documentation requied for various project types. Available immediately in the cloud it can be easily configured to your requirements.  


  • Time nView: HR systems often fail to provide the granular level of reporting that management needs in order to focus their staff and prioritise activities. nView's timekeeping module is an easy to use interface for recording time and provides effective dashbaord and management reports. This timekeeping database and management system can be used by legal professionals or any other department wanting detailed reporting on staff activities. It integrates seamlessly with contract, project, matter management modules and is available immediately in the cloud for rapid deployment to your organisation. 


  • Benefits nView: Whether you want to track procurement project benefits, sales initiative benefits or any other business improvement initiative you can do this easily with nView's Benefit module. It will make your project delivery more efficient and allows you to record benefits against financial year targets, business unit targets and a number of other configurable criteria. Integrated with the other nView modules it can be accessed now in the cloud and help you demonstrate real benefits faster and more effectively.   


  • Suppliers nView: Make the task of managing suppliers easy with our Supplier Relationship Management module and collaboration system. View all contracts for a supplier in an easy to understand dashboard that includes expenditure, milestones, tasks, key dates, KPIs and supplier loaded data. Integrating seamlessly with the Contract and Project modules optimise your supplier management processes. You can access supplier portal and dashboard reporting views with nView's simple and effective solution.


  • Clients/Customers nView: Managing clients information will be easy with our Client Relationship module and collaboration system. View all contracts for a client in an easy to understand dashboard that includes revenue, expenditure, milestones, tasks, key dates, KPIs and client entered data. Integrating seamlessly with the Contract and Project modules optimise your client management processes. You can access client portal and dashboard reporting views with nView's simple and effective solution to improve client relationships and business opportunities.


These modular solutions are ready for use out of the box and can be easily configured to your organisations specific needs. Please contact us by clicking here and read more about our nview contact and project product suite.


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